Each day I try to have 100 little victories. Most mornings, getting out of bed is a major milestone. Brushing my teeth and getting ready for the day earns me an additional check mark on the todo list.

Aside: You think I’m kidding, but I’m not. I love to check things off my todo list, so my list is detailed! Isn’t yours?

1. Lists

They’re everywhere! Some are recent and some are old. They’re all over my computer. I’ve thrown away most of the notepads and stickys on my desk and monitor. Still, this is the way I like to schedule my day, week, month and year. But I find that some schedules fall out of fashion depending upon what I’m focusing on while others grow in popularity. Fortunately, lists seem to grow and die at about the same rate. I believe that rate would be called an attention span ;-).

Being a writer who outlines, of course I use lists to schedule my day!

2. Swiss Cheese the Problem

No goal is too large to accomplish. Simply divide the goal into small problems to be solved individually (and usually in a specific order). Swiss Cheese the problem! Then, work toward taking the first step toward resolving the first problem on your list.

Remember: If the problem is too big, Swiss Cheese (punch holes in) it!

I’ll see you in the classroom,