Most tools provide elliptical shape drawing tools along with a procedure that can be used to draw perfect circles or squares. Perfect circles and squares are ellipses and rectangles for which the height and width are the same.

Let me show you what I mean…

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016

PowerPoint provides the ability to insert both elliptical and rectangular shapes. The typical way to do so is to click and hold your mouse button and then drag out your shape.

However, if you depress the Shift key before “pulling your shape”, you’ll be forced into maintaining a consistent width and height for your shapes; in other words, creating either a perfect circle or square.

Use of the shift key to produce perfect circles and squares is consistent across several drawing utilities.

And then, there’s the GIMP…

Moho and Clip Studio Paint

They’re the same as PowerPoint.


Instead of depressing the Shift key, the GIMP requires you to check a box before making an elliptical or rectangle selection (each of which can be stroked to produce a ellipse or rectangle). Check the box and you’ll pull perfect circles and squares. Uncheck the box and you’ll have complete control over your shape.

Contest (we’ll see what the prize is later):

Does anyone else have any other standards for producing perfect circles and squares? What about Photoshop?

Please list the program and details in your response.

P.S. I find there’s so much to remember that I love such software usage standards. Let me know of any other fun ones. A personal favorite of mine is selecting text (ask me and I’ll explain).