Amazon constructs the name of your book based on the contents of four KDP input fields provided by you during self-publishing:

[TITLE]: [SUBTITLE] ([SERIES] Book [NUMBER] of {Total})

[TITLE] is the contents of the KDP Title field. It’s followed by a colon if you supply a subtitle.

[SUBTITLE] is the contents of the KDP Subtitle field.

If you provide a [SERIES] name, KDP will enclose the series name in parenthesis including the volume [NUMBER] of the book as specified via KDP and the {Total} number of books currently in the series.

Note: Make the [SERIES] name is the same for every book in a series to insure all the books are grouped and that the entire series is displayed on each book’s Amazon production description page.

For example, given these KDP field values:

[TITLE] = “The Fallen King”
[SUBTITLE] = “Epic Fantasy Adventure”
[SERIES] = “Deceiver Series”
[NUMBER] = “1”

Amazon would construct the following book title:

“The Fallen King: Epic Fantasy Adventure (Deceiver Series Book 1 of 1)”

Odds are you already have a title and even a series name in mind for your book (remember: always write in a series).

But what about the subtitle? See my next post on how to use your subtitle to dramatically improve your Amazon search results.