Look, the price you set your course to on Udemy really doesn’t matter… much.

No matter what price you set your course to, it’s going to sell for an average of $9.99 netting you an average return of approximately $4.88.

That said, there are two things you can do to encourage a student to buy your course visa-a-vise price:

1) Be the cheapest course on sale in your niche
2) Be the largest marked down from the original price course in your niche

Here’s how it works…

First, you need to accept this fact:

Udemy runs sales constantly, as a result you’ll sell a course for little more than $9.99.  Once you receive your cut, after Udemy ads and affiliate cuts, your take of the $9.99 will be about $4.88.

What kinds of sales is Udemy running you should now be asking yourself:

Percentage Off Sales:

The only percentage off sale I’ve seen is 75%.

In this case you should set your price to $39.99 which is the maximum price (to demonstrate the greatest savings based on percentage off) that you can set your course price to still produce a $9.99 sale (75% of $39.99 is $9.99).

Fixed Price Sales (these are more frequent):

Udemy has $14.99, $12.99, random pricing and most frequently $9.99 sales

In these cases set your course price to $199.99 to produce the greatest savings to the student from the sale.

Yes, it really is that simple

When you only have 1-10 classes, this rule is pretty easy to implement.  I’ve recently spent an afternoon repricing 41 courses from the previous 75% off sale to the current Black Friday fixed sale price of $9.99 (meaning I changed all courses from $39.99 to $199.99).

I wish you all the very best and hope this pricing tip helps.

P.S. Please respond to this post if you read it and it makes a difference.