I thought it would be interesting to throw together some words of guidance regarding watching Udemy videos. Yes, it’s easy to hit the play button and sit back for a view, but these tips may just help to improve you learning experience.

Please read and comment on this post with your own tricks. You’re likely to learn one or two tricks you didn’t know here.

Pause and Try It

This is the way I usually watch training videos. The technique involves watching a portion of the video (possibly more than once) after which I pause the video and go try the technique being described.

To pause the video simply click anywhere on the display screen. Click again to set the video playing again. In between, you can minimize your browser and bring up any other application to try out what was explained in the video. At any time, you can bring the video back up and drag the play head back to a point to rewatch the video.

Again, I find this to be the best way to watch a Udemy course.

Watch a Video Fast and Skip Ahead

This technique can save you a lot of time watching video. Most Udemy instructors speak at a steady slow pace so that you won’t miss anything. I personally prefer a faster pace of speaking so I can obsorb the information faster.

Move your mouse to the lower left corner of the screen and the control bar will pop up at the bottom. Select the “1x” button to display the Speed setting. Here you can set your play speed anywhere from .5x to 2x regular playing speed. I find that I’m most conformfortable watch most videos at 1.5x speed.

Not going fast enough? Perhaps you should skip ahead and backwards at 15 second increments using the 15 seconds forward and backward buttons to each side of the speed selector.

Captions, Audio, Quality and Full Screen

In the lower right are controls that enable/disable the display of captions on the screen during video play. There are also control to adjust the audio volume, screen quality and jump to full screen viewing mode. Use these control to perfect your viewing mode.


Bookmarks are a very cool feature. To insert one, simply pause your video at the location you want to bookmark and click the Add Bookmark button in the middle of the controls at the bottom of the screen. This will place a yellow bar on the timeline and allow you to type a message to display if the point ever scrolls over that yellow marker. Your bookmarks are retained between sessions and can be removed by displaying the bookmark and selecting the garbage can.

To go to a bookmark, simply click on the timeline to advance the playhead to the location of the bookmark.

Bookmarks yield a handy way to make notes while watching a video (though I still prefer to use a text editor to take notes).

Keyboard Shortcuts

These keyboard shortcuts can be useful during viewing if you can revmember them. If you can’t, they can be displayed by clicking on the Keyboard Shortcuts selection in the gear shaped control in the lower left of the display screen.

Cour Content: C
Play/Pause: Space
Speed Slower: Shift-Left Arrow
Speed Faster: Shift-Right Arrow
Fullscreen: F
Exit Fullscreen: Esc
Browse Q&A: Q
Add Bookmark: B
Go Back 15s: Left Arrow
Go Forward 15s: Right Arrow
Volume Up: Up Arrow
Volume Down: Down Arrow

Capture a Screenshot

At any time you can pause the video and on a Windows system press the Alt-PrtScr buttons together to snag a copy of the screen. The copy will be in your cut and paste buffer. You can paste it into a graphics editor to manipulate the screen shot or paste it in an email or message to an instructor regarding some point.

You can take screenshots of any Windows screen using this technique.

That’s it for now.

I’ll see you in the classroom,