I was messing around outlining some stuff and ended up effectively outlining the base of my book marketing strategy. I thought it would be worth sharing with you here…

1) Always publish your eBook on Amazon Kindle via KDP. eBook sales are where you’ll generate the bulk of your revenue and the majority of that revenue will come from Amazon Kindle eBook sales.

2) Name your book to be found. Type search keywords in the Amazon search window and record the search keyword completion suggestions in the drop down the look good. Keep expanding your list of keywords for which you want to score. Use these keywords to construct your title, subtitle, series name, and book description.

3) Price your book to sell. In short, price your eBook at $2.99. Why? $2.99 is the minimum price that you can set for an Amazon Kindle eBook and still get a 70% royalty (set your price any lower and you’ll receive a 35% royalty). Thus, $2.99 is the cheapest price you can set to get the maximum percentage return. Exceptions include pricing first in series $0.99 to entice readers, three book bundles $5.99 and charging a premium for the latest book in a series at $3.99.

4) Publish your book in POD paperback format via CreateSpace. This will improve the perceived worth of your eBook through the simple fact that a paperback version is being offered and by displaying a high paperback price and low eBook price together on your Amazon product page. Paperback prices should be set high (e.g. $7.99) to make your eBook price look better. Your Amazon Kindle eBook will be displayed with the paperback price crossed out and your eBook price, $2.99, in red.

5) Enter your eBook into the Kindle Select Program to generate additional revenue from loaning books and Amazon countdown deals and free promotions. Note that after entering your eBook into the Kindle Select program you are not allowed to publish your eBook on any other platform (e.g. no Smashwords, Apple, B&N, Kobo…). A heavy price to pay but the loan and advertising revenue make the deal well worth investing in.

6) Always include a pointer to your mailing list at the front and end of your book. You do have a mailing list, don’t you? Be sure to advertise you Amazon deals and new books to your mailing list. Start now!

7) Don’t have an Amazon promotional strategy? No problem, simply offer each of your books for countdown deals every 90 days for a fixed price of $0.99 cents. There will be no “countdown” since the sale price will always be $0.99, but the book will be displayed with the discount in read during the 8 day countdown period. Starting February 1, I’ll be offering 90 books, one day at a time, via 8 day $0.99 countdown deals.

Comments? Questions?