Every Udemy instructor knows the drill. You get 2 promotional announcements per month. This means that twice a month you send a promotional announcement to all your courses.

Right? Wrong!

By sending promotional announcements to only a portion of your students, you can greatly increase the total number of Udemy promotional announcements you can send per month. The problem is that these repeated announcements annoy students, especially the ones that own all your courses.

The solution? Use targeted Udemy promotional announcements!

Here’s an example using 2 Udemy courses:

Beginner Widgets
Advanced Widgets

What you should do in this case is send a promotional announcement to your beginner course advertising your advanced course, only you should exclude anyone that already owns your advanced course. Now do the reverse, sending to your advanced course about your beginner course and excluding anyone already enrolled in your beginner course from receiving the announcement.

You’ve just accomplished this:

1) Made your advertisement specific to a single course.
2) Excluded anyone who already owns the specific course.
3) Doubled your number of promotional announcement from 2 to 4.

I have 41 Udemy courses and this process of pairing up related courses to promote back and forth still works. If I do it in pairs, I have 82 promotional announcements to send per month and anyone that already owns all my courses will never see one of them.

Keep thinking!