The morning of October, 18, 2017, I began a promotion to give away free coupons to my latest Udemy course. New enrollments are now slowing down after 3 1/2 days to the point that some useful data has arisen.

My plan was to utilize four avenues to increase student headcount for my course.

Udemy – I used a promotional announcement to all my students to advertise my new free course. Note that I have 61,000 students which is probably more than most instructors reading this document have access to. So my Udemy results are probably better than what you’ll experience. A single promotional announcement to all my students was the sole action I performed.

Facebook – I advertised via 30 Udemy coupon promotional groups. I posted my coupon twice to each group over a number of days.

Best Black Hat Forum (BBHF) – I posted my coupon on the BBHF site and bumped my post once with a reference to my already free course on the same topic.

Purchase – A number of people purchased my course before and while I announced the sale.

Also note that this course is in a rather small niche, so I found fewer takers than usual. Still, this fact shouldn’t affect the following overall ratios.

Here are the results of my attempt to gather students for my new Udemy course:

44% 1168 Udemy
4% 97 Facebook
49% 1304 BBHF
3% 10 Purchase
—- —-
100% 2579 Total Students
==== ====

Yes, I managed to get 2579 students for a single course in under 4 days with very little effort (exception: creating the 8 hour course I gave away required a lot of effort ;-). If you too think this is pretty neat, then…

Lesson Learned: If you want to give away free Udemy course coupons, register for an account on and post your coupon (correctly, read the rules) on the Udemy 100% Discount board.

Frankly, I enjoyed getting assistance from all of the sources of students I could recall.

Note that you just observed my first law of Udemy marketing in action; namely, get lots of free students fast.

Also note that the students you will gather using this method, especially from BBHF, will most likely never watch your course. This is primarily a method for bolstering your Udemy student count. However, with so many student being added you’re also likely to find someone who responds to your Udemy messages and will leave a qaulity review.

Max out the quantity side of the equation by getting lots of free students fast. Learn to address the quality side (e.g. reviews) of your student’s experience in the next post.

Learn more about Udemy course creation in my 10.5 hour Udemy course Camtasia Studio 8, Camtasia 9/2018 Screencasts w/PowerPoint.

So, you’re probably excited about:

Udemy Marketing #4: How to Get Lots of Quality Reviews Fast

I hope this step helps,